The wedding day is the most anticipated events in a couples lives together. What would this day be without photos? When people think of a wedding announcement they think of photos. Most want to see the bride and the groom at their shining moment, in love and at their best. A photo announcement is a perfect way to appease guests that were unable to attend the wedding.

Most often, a photo from the wedding is used in the announcement. Ensuring that a quality photographer is hired will give you many photos to choose from for this anticipated announcement. The guests will have their own pictures, but still – these are a nice piece of memorabilia from the wedding. A wedding announcement really isn’t an announcement without a photo of the happy couple on their wedding day.

Consider visiting the website for your wedding announcement needs. They offer customizable templates in which the couple can insert a picture from their wedding day to many of the templates from fun to elegant. Personally, I prefer the postcard version which seems to be growing in popularity these days. The wedding picture can be candid, elegant, or traditional but it should match the theme of the announcement. Shutterfly offers quick shipping, and the whole process to create the announcement often takes less than five minutes.

The internet is a valuable tool for finding wedding announcements. By using your search engine of choice you can find many retailers on the internet and in your area that produce cards and announcements for all occasions. Some announcements you will find for free, but some come at a nominal cost.

Consider visiting your local wholesale store, IndianWeddingAnnouncements. IndianWeddingAnnouncements offers wedding announcements in postcard form for as little as forty rupees. These deals are there to stay, all you need to do is just bring in your picture that you would like created a wedding invitation and choose a template. Often, the picture and announcement are incorporated and finished within two days. The best thing about IndianWeddingAnnouncements is that the envelopes are usually included for a very minimal fee. This is perfect because these envelopes often match the theme of the announcement. These can also be found online at where you will find pricing information, store hours as well as options available to customize the announcements.

These are two of the best options that offer the lowest pricing for photo announcements. Photo announcements are the best way to add a personal touch to your wedding.